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About Us

We are a young, agile, Swedish company offering contemporary and
inventive products within food and beverage.

26 Countries

35 Employees

4 Brands

82 Products

We are our Brands
ProBrands is especially designed for a broad target group; the products fit the ordinary exerciser as the elite athlete.
Choosing treats that don’t have any of the bad stuff in them, like sugar or palm oil. But still taste absolutely delicious. Wise, right?!
A drink which not only quenches your thirst but also meets one or more other needs, with added functions beyond just tasting good.
Affordable and popular energy drink!

There's more ahead than just financial goals

Right from the start, we have chosen to grow organically. A large part of our growth is fast and efficient product development, where a strong focus is on line extensions of existing brands such as HealthyCo & ProBrands.

300K €
6000 m²

We Care

Every year, 2300 men die from prostate cancer. It is the cancer in which most men die. Sweden’s most common cancer. 8 times more men die of prostate cancer than both men and women combined due to traffic every year.

The campaign is important because deathrate can be reduced. We want to help the campaign and inform that the disease can be cured. We want to help the campaign and inform that the disease can be cured.

By drinking our “Mustaschkampen” can you also contribute to the fight against prostate cancer. That’s why we at PRO!BRANDS become the main partner in “Mustaschkampen”. Some things you just have to put up with!

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